Event Turnout:
The attendance at the book/DVD launch is a good indicator of how successful this event plan is, particularly at attracting our intended audience to the event.
Aiming for:

  • At least 100 guests to be Creative Arts alumni or from the communications and literary community,
  • At least 150 guests to be current Creative Arts students,
  • At least 80 guests to be staff of the Creative Arts department, and
  • At least 50 guests to be family and friends of current Creative Arts students.

 Public Knowledge
An informal poll by CA instructors and the response for volunteers will indicate how many CA students are aware of the publication before the launch.
Aiming for:

  • At least 70% of Creative Arts student to be aware of the book’s publication within one week of the launch.

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Jolene Bergen, Public Relations and Communications

||Cheers to the CreCom Top 10||
Event Plan and Timeline [PDF]
Checklist [PDF]

The CreCom public relations class will aid with the evaluation of the project using four main measures to evaluate the success of the news conference announcing the book/DVD release.

Media Analysis:
Students will be assigned a different media outlet to monitor for press coverage of the book/DVD release.
Aiming for positive coverage in:

  • At least one of Winnipeg’s daily newspapers,
  • At least one local radio station (in addition to KICK-FM),
  • At least one local television station, and
  • At least one online media source (blog, social media group, etc.)

And positive publicity for the book in/on:

  • The Projector,
  • Distinctions magazine,
  • KICK-FM, and the
  • Red River College website.